More about Climate Change

Scientists are worried that human activity has had an impact on the climate over the past 100 years or so. Over this time people have been using much more energy for electricity, transport, heating and industry. Much of this energy has been derived from burning fossil fuels. When these are burned gases such as carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. This gas and others such as methane trap heat from the sun in the earths atmosphere and warm the world up.

Although this may sound like we will get better weather that probably won't be the case at all. Scientists are unsure about how this climate change will affect us here in Scotland, however it is thought that weather will become more unpredictable and violent. The sea levels will also rise so there will be more flooding. This change in weather may make it harder to grow crops and it may make some types of animals and plants extinct – especially those at the polar ice caps.

Climate change is recognised as a serious environmental threat to our planet. To help slow it down we should all make sure that we don’t waste energy by leaving lights, televisions and computers on when we aren’t using them. We should try to walk or cycle to school or work rather than use the car if it is a short distance and try and use public tranpsort if it is further.

Countries are also trying to find energy resources that don’t release gases that cause climate change. These energy resources include the wind, hydro (water), and solar (sun/light) power.

To find out more about what you can do to help, have a look at the following websites.


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