More about Energy Efficiency

We need to use energy in our everyday lives for heating, light, to cook food and to work and play on computers. Most of the energy that we use in Scotland comes from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. When these are burned they release gases into the atmosphere that cause climate change. It is therefore important that we don’t waste energy.

These are some ways to cut down on the energy that we use:

  • Switch off electrical appliances when we aren’t using them. That means switching them off completely at the plug and not leaving them on stand by. Leaving your television or computer on stand by all day is wasting more energy that is used to make 4 pieces of toast or to be able to dry your hair.
  • While it is important to keep warm perhaps you could turn the heating down one or two degrees and wear warmer clothes in the house. Generally appliances that give out heat use a lot of energy.

These things are all easy to do and just think ... if we all did them at home, in school and in work then a lot of energy would be saved.

Have a look at the following websites for even more ideas on how you can cut down the amount of energy that you use and become more environmentally friendly.


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