More about the River Clyde

The River Clyde starts in South Lanarkshire, flowing through Glasgow to Erskine where it widens to form the Firth of Clyde. Over the past 30 to 40 years the Clyde has become much cleaner. This is because we take more care to make sure that chemicals and metals from industry and sewage and waste from houses aren’t put directly into rivers now. The wildlife in The Clyde has noticed the difference too. Salmon are fish that need clean water – they had stopped living in the Clyde because there wasn’t enough oxygen for them due the pollution, however over the past few years they have returned.

It is important to look after our rivers to ensure that they are not polluted by rubbish, sewage or chemicals as these all harm wildlife that live in the river. Polluted rivers aren’t nice for us to look at either.

To find out more about The Clyde and how to look after our rivers, seas & water please look up the following websites or visit the SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) exhibit at Glasgow Science Centre.


Glasgow Science Centre