Galapagos 3D

Film Synopsis and Trailers

Galapagos vividly documents an eight-week expedition to the islands and surrounding waters. Part adventure, part scientific expedition, part personal quest, and part fantastic voyage, this unprecedented non-fiction film takes audiences on a journey with marine biologist Dr. Carole Baldwin, from the Smithsonian Institutions's Museum of Natural History, on her first trips to the famed Galapagos Islands.

An amazingly immersive cinematic experience, Galapagos delves deep into the largely unknown waters surrounding the volcanic archipelago to explore the natural wonders of a realm that is truly a living natural science laboratory.

Using Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution's research vessel, the SEWARD JOHNSON as the mother ship-and their high-tech submersible JOHNSON-SEA-LINK-the highly distinguished research and filmmaking team deployed technology light years ahead of the crude instruments Charles Darwin had at his disposal during his famous 1835 visit to the region.

Rating: BBFC Certificate: Universal 'U'

Running time: 40 minutes

Release date: 27th October 1999

Official website:

Galapagos 3D

Education resources

P4 - S6

Curriculum for Excellence Links: Topical Science. Planet Earth. Biodiversity and Interdependence

The following education resources to accompany the film are produced by the film-makers and distributors. As such, they may require some adaptation by teachers to fit the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

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