LISA Pathfinder and the Hunt for Ripples in Space with Dr Paul McNamara

David Elder Lecture Programme 2016/17


with Dr Paul McNamara

3 Nov 2016 | 1830 & 2000

An interview with Dr Paul McNamara in advance of the lecture

Earlier this year astronomers announced the first detection of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime caused by massive events far off in space. The European Space Agency has plans to build a huge space observatory to detect these tiny ripples, named eLISA (Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna). To test the ground-breaking technologies required for such a detector, LISA Pathfinder was launched in 2015, and this summer returned some incredible results. Join Dr Paul McNamara, Project Scientist for LISA Pathfinder in this month's David Elder Lecture.

Dr Paul McNamara earned his degree and PhD at the University of Glasgow, but now works for the European Space Agency in the Netherlands as the Project Scientist leading the LISA Pathfinder team, and as Deputy Project Scientist for eLISA.

An audio podcast of the lecture is available below.


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