Community group membership

Community Membership

In an effort to make Glasgow Science Centre accessible and inclusive for everyone, the Community Liaison project was developed in 2001. It was designed to work with community organisations in a range of initiatives which not only promote science and technology, but also seek to develop new ways of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to access the resources within Glasgow Science Centre.

Who can join?

Whilst no group or individual is excluded from Glasgow Science Centre and its programme of activities, specific groups have been identified as being potentially in need of more support;

  • Residents from socially and economically deprived areas;
  • Black and minority ethnic populations;
  • People with disabilities – physical, sensory or mental health;
  • Young people leaving care or at risk of disaffection and exclusion.

The Community Group Scheme has been revised to make entry more affordable and to give community groups a specific contact within Glasgow Science Centre.

How much does it cost?

There is no membership cost. Potential Community Groups need to call the Contact Centre to register their eligibility. Once this is verified they will receive the Community rate at Glasgow Science Centre. Groups must book at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible to visit during Mall opening hours for £4 per person, plus any relevant add-on prices. If you have any special requirements or need to book an area to have a packed lunch please mention this at the time of booking. 


How do I join?

Please call the Contact Centre on 0141 420 5000 where we will explain anything you need to know further. Glasgow Science Centre is happy to work with groups to devise programmes tailored to their needs and to address any issues which may cause difficulty or concern.

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