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1 July 2013

Glasgow Science Centre will show you how wonderful you are this summer holiday when you visit the brand new BodyWorks exhibition. With over 100 interactive exhibits, research capsules, a Live Lab and fun activities for all the family, you can discover how amazing the human body is as you become the scientist and the experiment.

 Put your body through its paces as you complete some fun physical challenges- take a spin in the giant hamster wheel, race down the sprint track, test your grip in hang time, get on your bike and see the power behind your cycling and lots more. You can save your results and compare them with your friends and family.

The human body is a highly complex machine, take a closer look as you visit the research capsules filled with the latest technology including the UK’s only virtual autopsy table, an artificial heart which is used in transplant surgery, the world’s most advanced bionic hand, a 3D brain and human tissue samples including a hand, head and torso. Other exhibits in the new £2million exhibition include Mucus Ninjas, Mind Ball, Multitasking Brain and DNA Disco.

Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive of Glasgow Science Centre said:

“BodyWorks has been a real step forward for us and we have received some excellent feedback from our visitors and peers . It uses the latest technology and combines that with an excellent approach to story-telling to define and explain that most complex of entities, the human body,” explains Stephen.

“This represents a £2m investment in our exhibition space, and is the first major upgrade since the Centre opened. It appeals to visitors of all ages, as they can explore and discover the wonders of the human body in a fun and interactive way.”

As well as the new exhibition, the scientific team at Glasgow Science Centre has created a brand new programme of activities to show you how amazing the human body is and what it is capable of. In the Science Show Theatre, ‘Get Active’ will show you the good, bad and ugly sides of exercise with some electrocution, a fountain of flames, the butt head game and giant keepy uppy.

Visit the lab and discover the science behind running blades and how advances in technology are pushing the boundaries of human capabilities. Or if you want to know how to make your mouth minty fresh and your teeth sparkle learn the science behind toothpaste and make some of your very own! There is lots of activities on over the summer holidays so make sure you come and find out how your BodyWorks! For more information visit   

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