Glasgow Science Centre hosts UK Chief Science Advisor for Climate Change event

17th February

The UK has been battered by high winds, torrential rain and snow in the last couple of weeks, is this a result of global warming? The UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Sir Mark Walport, thinks so and he will be visiting Glasgow Science Centre to discuss the global threat of Climate Change on Friday March 14th as part of a UK tour. 

 “The Planet in our Hands: Responding to Climate Change” talk will set out the most comprehensive evidence to date on the human influence on climate change. It will also examine the potential impacts of that change, options for response, the role of Government, science and technology, the importance of global leadership and individual behaviour. 

Professor Sir Mark Walport said:
“The atmosphere and the oceans are warming, glaciers and ice sheets are melting, sea levels are rising, ocean waters are acidifying, and we are seeing increases in some types of extreme weather. The science is clear. Human emissions are responsible for climate disruption, posing a severe threat to the planet. Real impacts are going to be felt for future generations. The question is how much we are prepared to invest now for a world that is going to be a better environment for our grandchildren’s children, their children and their children. This is a question for all of society.”

The event, which will be hosted by Heather Reid trustee of Glasgow Science Centre, will also give members of the public the opportunity to join the Climate Change debate during a Q and A session with Sir Mark.

Chief Executive Stephen Breslin is looking forward to welcoming Sir Mark to Glasgow Science Centre:
“The threat of Climate Change is real and innovation in science and technology has a vital role to play in responding to this. Scotland as a nation is a great example of how you can use natural assets to generate power with renewable energy. We are currently developing an exhibition called Powering the Future that explores themes like this. I am looking forward to meeting Sir Mark and discussing what more we can do as a Science Centre to engage the public with this issue and encourage changes in individual behaviour.”

The event starts at 6pm on Friday 14 March with a drinks reception within the Science Mall at Glasgow Science Centre which will give people the opportunity to mingle prior to Sir Mark’s talk. Tickets to the event cost £5 and can be booked by calling 0141 420 5005. For more information, visit


Glasgow Science Centre