GSC needs help from sporting stars

23 May 2012

Glasgow Science Centre is looking for competition level athletes to help them with their new BodyWorks exhibition which is due to open in Spring 2013. One of the exhibits is a photo line-up of athletes from a wide spectrum of sporting disciplines to showcase the vast array of physicality in sporting stars. The display aims to highlight that no matter what your body shape, there is a place for everyone in the sporting world.So far, the Centre has had a great response from a wheelchair curler, jockey, rhythmic gymnast, wrestler, fencer and swimmers amongst others.

Jenny Templeman at the Science Centre said:

“We have had a great response from athletes and sporting organisations with offers to help with the exhibit which is fantastic. We are still looking for athletes to take part from boxing, golf, ice hockey, rugby, football, gymnastics, basketball and track and field athletes. We are keen to show diversity so we are looking for men of all ages, builds and athletes with or without disabilities.”

The photo will be on display in Glasgow Science Centre as part of the BodyWorks exhibition. The new £2 million exhibition is a unique and inspiring programme exploring the science underpinning health and wellbeing in the 21st century. This immersive exhibition will fill the spacious 700 square metre third floor of GSC. BodyWorks is an exciting opportunity to showcase cutting edge research and innovation in the health and wellbeing sector, as well as giving a platform for organisations involved in innovation to engage directly with its 350,000 annual visitors.

Athletes can contact the Centre by calling 0141 420 5000 or by emailing

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