Smashing start to new exhibition

08 November 2012

Scientists at Glasgow Science Centre have donned their hard hats and armed themselves with sledgehammers as they prepare for the opening of the new BodyWorks exhibition next year.  The 3rd Floor of the Science Mall will be transformed from Alice’s magical Wonderland to a unique and inspiring showcase of interactives and cutting edge research and innovation in the health and well-being sector.

When BodyWorks opens in March 2013 there’ll be an amazing variety of things for visitors to do - battling snot, running in a giant hamster wheel and solving a murder to name a few.  Before then, there is a lot of work to do behind the scenes!

Dr Gillian Lang, BodyWorks Project Leader, and Dr Tom Ziessen, Senior Public Engagement Adviser at the Wellcome Trust – the leading supporter of the exhibition- took the first swings of the sledgehammer as the demolition process began on Floor 3.

Dr Gillian Lang, from Glasgow Science Centre, said:

“This is a great milestone in the project, starting to prepare the third floor for the new exhibits arriving after the New Year. 115 interactive exhibits, research capsules and live laboratory experiences make up BodyWorks which will explore the science underpinning health and wellbeing in the 21st Century.

The visitor is at the heart of the BodyWorks exhibition so we can’t wait to see them getting hands-on and finding meaning in the experiences, which we hope will allow them to consider their bodies, health and lifestyle from a new perspective.”

Dr Tom Ziessen said,

"Lifting the sledgehammer was a memorable moment signifying that development is truly underway for the eagerly awaited spring opening. BodyWorks will bring best practice from around the world to give an interactive and thought-provoking experience for members of the public. We are pleased to continue to support the Glasgow Science Centre and look forward to seeing it all come together."

As work continues on the 3rd Floor, a new education and public programme will be developed which will complement the BodyWorks exhibition. Live labs sessions such as ‘Heart and Lung Dissection’ and ‘Blood Splatter Analysis’ and science shows ‘Disgusting Digestion’ and ‘Get Active’ will also explore major themes of health and wellbeing.

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