Planetarium Education Programme

Unique in Scotland, our fulldome digital Planetarium gives students the opportunity to see Earth, the solar system, galaxies, and the universe itself in a different light.

Digital technologies mean that we can travel to the planets and the stars, leaving Earth behind to zoom in on the rings of Saturn or distant galaxies.

Additionally we offer a selection of fulldome films.

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Star Shows

All shows are available on demand throughout the year and run for approximately 45 mins

Space and Back Again (N1 - P1)

Young pupils are invited to 'stay up past your bedtime' and explore a beautiful star-filled night. They'll learn about the daily patterns of the sky before visiting the spectacular Sun and mysterious Moon up close. This show lasts for approximately 30 mins.

CfE: Space


Into Space (P1 - P3)

Your students will leave Earth and take a trip Into Space to answer some big questions: Why does the Moon change shape? Why do we have day and night? And what causes the seasons?

CfE: Space


Passport to the Planets (P4 - P6)

Leave the school bus and all aboard for our incredible tour of the solar system. Students get a spacecraft's-eye view of other planets and explore the possibility of life beyond the Earth.

CfE: Space | Topical Science


The Solar System and Beyond (P7 - S2)

View the universe in a new light as you voyage beyond the solar system, into the galaxy we call home. Discover what makes a planet a planet and join the search for Earth-like exoplanets orbiting distant stars.

CfE: Space | Topical Science | Forces | Electricity and Waves


The Sky's The Limit? (S3 - S6)

By asking the right questions our knowledge of the universe has evolved dramatically. Join us to discover how we now know that our tiny planet is only one of billions within an average galaxy within an expanding universe.

CfE: Space | Topical Science

H: Our Dynamic Universe | Particles and Waves

Astrophysics | Quanta and Waves


Santa's Starry Adventure (N1 - P3) - ON DEMAND IN DEC

Using the stars as our guide we will follow Santa around the world and into space as he delivers Christmas gifts. Help him find his way back to the North Pole using the North Star.

CfE: Space

Fulldome Films

All films are available on demand throughout the year, include a live planetarium show and run for approximately 45 mins

We are Aliens (P4 - S4)

Are we alone? Is it possible to find life beyond Earth? Take a journey to find out in this Rupert Grint narrated 360° Planetarium film from the award-winning NSC Creative team.

CfE: Space | Topical Science

Nat5: Dynamics and Space


Back to the Moon for Good (P4 - S4)

Narrated by Tim Allen, this is a complete behind-the-scenes feature on the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivised prize in history.

CfE: Space. Topical Science

Nat5: Dynamics and Space


Cell! Cell! Cell! (P7 - S4)

This is the story of the trillions of cells that form our bodies, from our beginnings as a single cell to the complexity of a whole body; it's the story of who we are.

CfE: Body Systems and Cells.

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