The Attainment Challenge

The Scottish Attainment Challenge

Here at Glasgow Science Centre, our mission is to make science accessible for all. We are committed to supporting the Scottish Attainment Challenge, to help every child reach their potential, have the skills to actively engage with modern society, and to see a wide range of fulfilling careers as a possible future.

STEM is underpinned by numeracy and literacy and is a critical focus for employability and skills development. To support schools to work towards closing the attainment gap, we offer specialised professional development for teachers, activities to engage beyond the school with families and communities, and high quality learning experiences which focus on improving numeracy and literacy through engagement with STEM.

We can work in partnership with you to provide learning experiences that are tailored to suit the needs of your school or learning community.

The activities we offer are:

For all activities, we can provide evaluation support to help monitor impact and progress.

Please contact our bookings team on 0141 420 5003 for more information or to discuss your school’s requirements.

The information contained on this page is also available to download as a PDF and share with colleagues

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We work with you to support your teachers and increase their confidence in facilitating STEM lessons, through our professional development programme, Inspire and Challenge.

“I thought the session was the perfect balance between training and having fun while engaging with science.” 

“It was easier to imagine how the children feel during lessons and how to engage them better.”

Our specialised methodology for science learning aims to empower pupils to explore the world around them and think critically about what they observe. This pupil-led approach helps develop children’s use of language by focussing on specific listening and talking activities and supports numeracy through opportunities for measurement and data analysis. Teachers are guided step-by-step through exemplar activities designed to build the pupils as scientific thinkers. Initial training can be extended to include twilight sessions and a range of lesson plans with associated resource kits.

Professional learning packages are available to support numeracy and literacy through a range of topics: Biodiversity and Interdependence | Space | Forces | Body Systems and Cells | Physical wellbeing | Electricity | Properties and Use of Substances | Digital Learning

Suitable for broad general education | From £225 + VAT
(per teacher – whole school sessions are available)

Please contact us on 0141 420 5003 to discuss your school’s specific requirements.

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“Enthusiastic delivery of staff who gave pupils a real motivation for science and the importance of keeping our bodies healthy.”

Our highly trained and experienced science communicators can facilitate health and wellbeing programmes in your school. During the school day, our ‘Bodyworks on Tour’ team will bring our CfE-linked programme of hands-on exhibits, activities and shows to your learners. After school, pupils can lead the learning with their families by engaging with our science communicators and interactive exhibits. The hands-on activities are designed to encourage family groups to talk about science and think about their own health and wellbeing.

Suitable for P4-S3 | From £400 +VAT



We can bring our Early Years programme to your community for children and their families to engage with STEM in their school environment.

“Kids enjoyed it and I have to say I left feeling more than a little inspired about the real basics of science.”

Through a range of fascinating science workshops especially created for young minds and delivered by our science communicators, we can work in partnership with you to encourage children to develop their learning and language skills through STEM, at an early age.

Activities are available to support numeracy and literacy through: Biodiversity and Interdependence | Forces | Body Systems and Cells | Materials | Digital Learning | Space

Suitable for P1-P3 | From £400 +VAT


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For all activities, we can provide evaluation support to help monitor impact and progress.

Please contact our bookings team on 0141 420 5003 for more information or to discuss your school’s requirements.



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