Science Lates

Science Lates at Glasgow Science Centre

Join us as Glasgow Science Centre goes adults-only for our series of Science Lates. Enjoy hundreds of exhibits, live demonstrations, talks, shows, tasty food and delicious drinks, with no children allowed. There’ll be more detail to follow on what each enticing event has in store, but each theme will be sure to bring some truly unique, thought provoking experiences to your Friday night.

These will draw a crowd, so get your tickets now for a fantastic evening not to be missed.

Running 6.00pm till 10.30pm on the first Friday of the month

£15.00 per person, per night

£12.00 per person per night for groups of 10 or more. Please give our lovely team a call on 0141 420 5000.

Strictly +18’s only

Tickets are on sale now!




7 Apr 2017

Science Lates: Get Curious

Spark your curiosity! Delve into a night of spectacular science from explosive demos and live shows to three floors of fascinating hands-on exhibits. Join us as we begin our journey with our first Science Late.

Get curious at the first Science Late, where you can:
  • Set your night alight with our hottest live science show, Flame On!
  • Embark on a journey across the cosmos and enjoy the Wonders of the night sky from the comfort of our fulldome digital Planetarium;
  • Kick off your weekend and get your boogie on at the Silent Disco;
  • Are they solid or liquid? Discover non-Newtonian fluids at our Custard Run;
  • Get experimental with some up-close science with our trained staff who'll ignite your night with our Hand on Fire demos or give you a hair-raising experience at our Van der Graaf generator;
  • Sign-up on the night to take our design challenge to construct and race a battery-powered car in Car-azy Construction;
  • Or drop in to keep calm and save the day in our Virtual Reality team challenge;
  • Meet Scot-bots' robots fresh from the Robot Wars arena, get hands on with Modelling Molecules with experts from GlaxoSmithKline, use state-of-the-art ultrasound with our Visual Speech experts, learn how flies can help us understand cancer with experts from Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, and more...;
  • Get into the party spirit and have your face painted;
  • Savour tasty food and delicious drinks whilst you enjoy hundred's of interactive exhibits across the whole Science Mall without any kids!

All activities are included in your ticket, but some activities may be very popular so get there early to avoid disappointment.

More of what's in store on 7 April at Get Curious...

5 May 2017

Science Lates: Sensation

Can you trust your brain? Discover how we perceive the world around us, decipher mind-bending illusions and stimulate your senses in this sound and light extravaganza.

2 Jun 2017

Science Lates: Under the Skin

What makes us tick? With activities to delight, challenge or even make you squirm - explore our vital organs and put your reactions to the test, as we dissect what makes us human.

7 Jul 2017

Science Lates: Innovate

Join us as we talk technology, investigate innovation and discover how to engineer the designs of tomorrow. How does the future look to you?

4 Aug 2017

Science Lates: Taste

Cheers! Tease your taste buds as you discover the science behind what we eat and drink. Broaden your food and drink horizons as we mix up the perfect cocktail of intriguing, tasty science.

1 Sep 2017

Science Lates: Into Orbit

Leave the Earth behind for the evening and embark on a journey into the solar system and beyond. Wonder at the night sky in our Planetarium or explore the latest in space technology.



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