The Universe for Beginners: Planetarium Adult-Education Night Classes

The Universe for Beginners

Please watch this space for details of future classes in 2017/18.

Space is big. Really, really big. Looking up on a clear, dark night can feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? Well, a great place to start is in the Planetarium at Glasgow Science Centre, in our four-week night class, The Universe for Beginners.

We'll guide you expertly through the night sky, learning the major constellations as we go, before journeying into space and exploring the vast cosmos.

The topics the course will cover include:

  • The Night Sky: stargazing for beginners and what to look for over the course of the year
  • The Solar System: a tour of the fascinating planets and moons of our corner of the cosmos
  • The Life and Death of Stars: how are stars born, and how do they end?
  • Life in the Universe: the hunt for extra-terrestrial life
  • Galaxies and Nebulae: searching for beautiful star-clusters, violent nebulae, and distant galaxies
  • The Big Bang: a journey back in time to the beginning of everything
  • There's no formal assessment or homework; simply come along to marvel at the beauty of our universe, and relax under the glittering stars of our planetarium.

The Universe for Beginners will be delivered by the Planetarium Manager Steve Owens and the planetarium team.

Of the 442 attendees so far this year 96% have rated the course "Excellent" ★★★★★
and 4% have rated it "Good" ★★★★

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