Meet the expert

Glasgow Science Centre’s Meet the Expert programme provides the opportunity for experts to engage with the public, by carrying out activities, for a family audience, explore new concepts and discoveries with visitors.

This programme is of great benefit to scientists and engineers through promoting their work, communicating impact, enhancing communications skills, getting feedback ( in some cases data) and as a fun and enjoyable experience.



Two women from SEPA holding worms during a Meet the Expert event at Glasgow Science Centre

A man wearing blue medical scrubs discusses anatomy with three high school girls during a Meet the Expert event at Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Bat Group

General Electric Aviation

A man from the Clyde bat group holds a model of a bat as part of a Meet the Expert event at Glasgow Science Centre

Two men from General Electric concentrating as they deliver a Meet the Expert event at Glasgow Science Centre

There are a number of different formats including:

  • Drop in activities
  • Research Participation
  • Workshops
  • Science Shows
  • Evening Lectures

Glasgow Science Centre can also offer organisations training in public engagement to help develop an appropriate and effective activity.

“This training was superb, well executed, and refreshingly enlightening. It succeeded in raising our awareness of the difference in engaging the public and not our engineering/scientist peer group.”
General Electric Aviation

Examples of previous activities

  • Drop in - Medical Research Council – Strawberry DNA
  • General Electric – As Far as the Eye Can See
  • Research Participation - Face Perception Lab – University of Stirling
  • Science Shows - Time Tastical Time Tale - Time-Tastical Productions
  • Activity Workshop - It’s not rocket science! - Lunar Landing Anniversary
  • Evening Lectures - Genetics and Genealogy Evening

If you would like more information on the Meet the Expert programme or the Public Engagement Training contact

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