Available information

The classes of information that we publish

We publish information that we hold within the following classes. Once information is published under a class we will continue to make it available for the current and previous two financial years.

Where information has been updated or superseded, only the current version will be available. If you would like to see previous versions, you may make a request to us for that information.

A list of classes and a description of available documents is found in the table below.

Clicking on the Class type will take you to a page containing details of how to source the information you seek.

Class 1 About Glasgow Science Centre

Class description

Information about Glasgow Science Centre, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

Class 2 How Glasgow Science Centre delivers its functions and services

Class Description

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering functions and services and information for our service users.

Class 3 How Glasgow Science Centre takes decisions and what it has decided

Class Description

Information about the decisions we take, how we make decisions and how we involve others.

Class 4 What Glasgow Science Centre spends and how it spends it.

Class Description

Information about our strategy for, and management of, financial resources (in sufficient detail to explain how we plan to spend public money and what has actually been spent).

Class 5 How Glasgow Science Centre manages its human, physical and information resources

Class Description

Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources.

Class 6 How Glasgow Science Centre procures goods and services from external providers

Class Description

Information about how we procure goods and services, and our contracts with external providers.

Class 7 How Glasgow Science Centre is performing

Class Description

Information about how Glasgow Science Centre performs as an organisation, and well it delivers its functions and services.

Class 8 Our Commercial publications

Class description

Information packages and made available for sale on a commercial basis and sold at market value through a retail outlet, e.g. bookshop, museum or research journal.


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