Question of Perception

Question of Perception


Come and explore a world where nothing is as it seems. Intriguing illusions and strange experiences will delight all ages in our new exhibition. You will be left wondering if you can trust your eyes, brain or senses.

In a Question of Perception you can have your whole universe tilted in our Wacky Salon or grow and shrink in the Ames room. You can even look into infinity. There are visual illusions, physical challenges and mind-bending puzzles to engage your brain. Every exhibit will make you rethink how you experience the world.

Ames Room

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An exciting new series of evening talks is underway: A Question of Perception Lectures, bring experts in brain science and perception to Glasgow Science Centre for fascinating 1 hour talks on the science featuring in the exhibition, plus there's time to explore the interactive exhibition on Floor 1 too. Tickets are just £10 and available to book online here!


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