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As a ‘world first’, Glasgow Tower pushes the boundaries of engineering and is an iconic machine. Visitors to the top, will be able to enjoy unrivalled panoramic views of the city. Here is some useful information for your trip to the top.

Useful info:

  • A ticket to Glasgow Tower costs £3.50 when purchased as an Add-On to a Science Mall Ticket. A stand-alone Ticket for Glasgow Tower costs £6.50*.
  • You can pre book your visit to Glasgow Tower by calling 0141 420 5000 or by visiting Glasgow Science Centre.
  • We are working to bring you online booking for tickets. Please watch this space for updates.
  • Glasgow Tower is due to reopen for our summer season on Saturday 1st April 2017.
  • Standard opening hours are 11am-5pm.
  • The Tower will close during periods of winds of 25mph or higher as this can affect your Tower experience.
  • In the event of an emergency, visitors to the Tower cabin will be evacuated via the 523 spiral stair case. Due to this safety procedure visitors need to be able to walk down the stairs unaided. Those with limited mobility or young children may therefore not be able to visit the Tower. We would ask that anyone concerned about descending the steps to speak with us.

Glasgow Tower is designed to move in the wind. Many visitors find the swaying sensation in windy weather unnerving. Consequently the Tower closes when the wind speed exceeds gusts of 25 mph at cabin height.

** Price stated includes Gift Aid Donation and VAT

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